Citation Guide

If you use plenoptic in a published academic article or presentation, please cite both the code by the DOI as well [VSS2023]. You can use the following:

  • Code: zenodo

  • Paper:

      title={Plenoptic: A platform for synthesizing model-optimized visual stimuli},
      author={Duong, Lyndon and Bonnen, Kathryn and Broderick, William and Fiquet, Pierre-{\'E}tienne and Parthasarathy, Nikhil and Yerxa, Thomas and Zhao, Xinyuan and Simoncelli, Eero},
      journal={Journal of Vision},
      publisher={The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology}

Additionally, please cite the following paper(s) depending on which component you use:

Note that, the citations given above define the application of the relevant idea (“metamers”) to computational models of the visual system that are instantiated in the algorithms found in plenoptic, but that, for the most part, these general concepts were not developed by the developers of plenoptic or the Simoncelli lab and are, in general, much older – the idea of metamers goes all the way back to [Helmholtz1852]! The papers above generally provide some discussion of this history and can point you to further reading, if you are interested.


Lyndon Duong, Kathryn Bonnen, William Broderick, Pierre-Étienne Fiquet, Nikhil Parthasarathy, Thomas Yerxa, Xinyuan Zhao, Eero Simoncelli; Plenoptic: A platform for synthesizing model-optimized visual stimuli. Journal of Vision 2023;23(9):5822.